The following terms and conditions are those governing the SAS Hyundai’s “Earn with SAS” affiliate program -
Our Rights and Obligations

We will register youas affiliate and track your referred customers.

We reserve the right to refuse any affiliate or customers, if necessary to comply with any requirements we may periodically establish. By opening an account with us, you will become our affiliate and, accordingly, all of our rules, policies, and operating procedures will apply to you and your referred customers.

Once approved to be the admin authority of SAS Hyundai affiliate program, the dealer will grant the Affiliate a non-exclusive, revocable right to direct potential Customers to the SAS Hyundai, in accordance with this Agreement.

The affiliate will work exclusively with SAS Hyundai and will not direct customer/leads to other dealers.

Affiliate will not share our data to any third party or person. If found, legal action would be taken against affiliate.

Except for the payment of the Revenue Reward the Affiliate will not have any rights with respect to any Customers.

Your SAS Hyundai affiliate account must have a minimum of 3 referred Customers who purchased the car before you will be eligible for Referral Commission payment.

The Affiliate will not engage in, allow, assist, promote, encourage or benefit from, directly or indirectly, any act or traffic that involves Fraud. The Affiliate will act at all times to refrain from, immediately stop and not allow any act or traffic that involves Fraud or that it believes or should reasonably believe to potentially involve Fraud, or any act or traffic that the Dealer informs the Affiliate is suspected by it, at its discretion, to involve or potentially involve Fraud.

In the event that the Dealer suspects Fraud it reserves the right to place restrictions on the Affiliate’s account including but not limited to suspending the Affiliate’s account and retaining all sums within the account as well as commencing a full investigation. The Affiliate hereby gives the Dealer its authorization to inform the appropriate authorities or third parties of such an incident and only once the Dealer is satisfied that the matter is resolved shall it remove any restrictions on the Affiliate’s account.

The Affiliate will not make any claims, representations or warranties in connection with the Dealer or any of the associates/directors, and it will not be authorized to make any commitment or assume any liability or obligation on the Dealer’s behalf or on behalf of any of the Directors or authorities.

The Affiliate agrees to ensure that its activities will comply with all legislation, regulations and codes of practice in the jurisdiction that it is operating from and any other jurisdiction that a Customer or the Dealer operate within.

In the event that the Affiliate is found to be in breach of any legislation it agrees to indemnify the Dealer for any costs relating to any legal proceedings, actions, disputes, damages and penalties.

The Affiliate shall keep all such Confidential Information and referred customer Data in strict confidence and not use any part of it, directly or indirectly, for any purpose other than the purpose of this Agreement.

Confidential Information shall not include any information that is generally known or available to the public, or information required to be disclosed by applicable law or any legal agency having jurisdiction over the Affiliate

In addition and without derogating from any of the above, the Affiliate will not at any time by itself, nor will the Affiliate allow, assist or encourage others to –

  • Cause spamming
  • Share data
  • Do any act or omission that disparages the Dealer or any of the directors or that otherwise is damaging or is reasonab
  • ly expected to be damaging to the Dealer’s goodwill or to the goodwill of the Dealer’s reputation.
  • In any way alter, affect or interfere with the operation or accessibility of the dealer operations or any page thereof.
  • Communicate, engage or become involved with any of the other dealers/dealerships, in any way, without the SAS prior written consent.
  • Do any activity that in the Dealer’s reasonable opinion would be deemed unsuitable, Fraudulent, erroneous, misrepresentative or inappropriate.
  • In case of dispute, SAS Hyundai’s decision will be firm and final.
  • If you behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all commission and you risk closure of your account.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without any prior information.
You agree that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms of Use and you acknowledge that these Terms of Use shall apply to you and be binding on you; SAS Hyundai - The Platinum Hyundai Dealer